Garage Sale Code

The term “Garage Sale Code” came from a post by Scott Hanselman. He defines Garage Sale Code as having at least 4 of the 5 C’s:

  1. Complete – It’s a whole library or application.
  2. Concise – It does one discrete thing.
  3. Clear – It’ll work when you get it.
  4. Cheap – It’s free or < 25 cents.
  5. (Quite Possibly) Crap – As with a Garage Sale, you’ll never know until you get it home if it’s useless.

With the code I post here, I’ll do my best to nail all 5 C’s – quite possibly with Crap being the #1 quality :).

  • LINQ to SQL Extensions – A set of extension methods to add the functionality that Microsoft missed…well, at least they missed it in regards to what I wanted it to do.  But hey, isn’t that was extension methods are for?  See this post for details.
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